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UP Express gets you from Toronto's Pearson International Airport to downtown Union Station in a reliable 25 minutes: no matter what’s happening on the roads or in the weather forecast.

Enjoy stress-free transport either to or from Toronto’s downtown Union Station to or from Pearson International Airport. Travel seamlessly with WiFi, luggage storage, and air-conditioned seating aboard the UP Express.

Board an elevated train to leave your worries behind, and arrive on time at your destination at the airport, or in the city. Enjoy comfort on board and access to high-speed WiFi, along with plenty of space for storage.

If you are going to Pearson Airport from Union Station, you may wait for the train within the Interior Skywalk lounge and enjoy the available amenities which are close to Union Station. Get a coffee, snacks, and other goods to keep you comfortable during your 25-minute commute to Pearson.

From Union Station, board the train with your ticket and arrive at the Pearson Airport UP Station in Terminal 1, adjacent to the Link Train that connects Terminals 1 and 3. The inverse travel route is used to get from Pearson to downtown Toronto.

Destination Covered : Toronto

Package Duration : 7 Days